• Welcome Class of 2018!

    Welcome to the website of MSC Aggie Leaders of Tomorrow! We're currently updating our website and we thank you for your patience during this time.Read more

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    Committee Relations

    Committee Relations manages internal and external communication for MSC ALOT. Our subcommittee is in charge of apparel, weekly meetings, maintenance of the website, and many of the back bone functions of our organization... Read more

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    Community Support

    Community Support, otherwise known as CSUPP, is the service leadership committee within MSC ALOT. As a group, we believe that a great leader is seen as a servant first! Through a variety of hands-on event programming and volunteer opportunities, CSUPP helps develop the servant leader within its members. It also provides external service opportunities to ALOT members... Read more

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  • Leadersalthip Outreach and Development

    LOUD is a subcommittee of ALOT dedicated to enriching personal leadership qualities. Members of LOUD will gain valuable leadership skills through planning and executing a fall project, a leadership retreat for the entirety of ALOT, and other events centered on leadership education. Members of the subcommittee will also participate in Challenge Works, a ropes course that will teach members to lead activities that develop leadership skills in individuals outside of the subcommittee... Read more

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    Integrated Committee Events

    The programs put on by Integrated Committee Events provide great experiences for both those who attend and the members of the subcommittee who work to make them happen. ICE is responsible for two major programs throughout the year as well as a smaller social program within MSC ALOT. When planning and creating these programs, ICE utilizes the strengths of the other subcommittees in order to make them as successful as possible. Freshmen members work with ICE staff to make the working experience an enjoyable and rewarding one. ICE offers incoming freshmen a unique opportunity to build programs and contribute to the A&M campus and community!

    Read more

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    MSC ALOT is lead by three individuals that are known collectively as "Chairship." Our chairship is composed of our Chair, Enid Escobedo, and two Vice Chairs, Patrick Anderson and Austin Daelemans. They are very excited to meet the freshmen of MSC ALOT 2018! Read more