ALOT taught me a great deal about myself, and what makes me unique compared to others. Along with that, ALOT helped me understand other people’s point of view and how important multiple contributions could be to a project, or anything.
Mohamad Abukishk, Group Leader, 2018
ALOT showed me your family doesn’t just have to be the people you’re related to by blood. I’ve grown so much as a person and a leader, and know my future has been improved by these experiences.
Ashtyn Phillips, Group Leader, 2018
MSC ALOT has not only given me relationships that will last throughout college and beyond, but has also given me multiple incredible opportunities to grow both as a leader and as an individual. I would not be able to communicate or work with people as well as I do today if it weren’t for MSC ALOT.
Samuel Scheele, Group Leader, 2018

Our Purpose:

MSC Aggie Leaders of Tomorrow is a freshman organization that provides programs and service opportunities that foster leadership and personal growth for students at Texas A&M.

MSC ALOT teaches leadership by putting freshman in leadership positions in many of our campus wide programs.

Freshmen Western: A freshmen oriented social event aimed at bringing the entire freshmen class together.

Angel Tree: By partnering with the Salvation Army of BCS, ALOT holds this event to bring in gifts for families and children in need during the holiday season.

Big Leadership Trip: A retreat dedicated to developing our freshmen as leaders through community service work and various leadership building activities.

Mr. FLO: An all FLO male congeniality pageant, partnered with the 12th Can, aims to provide canned foods for the BCS area through donations and contributions from each participating FLO.

TEDxTAMU: MSC ALOT is a sponsor of TEDxTAMU, Texas A&M’s independently organized TED conference.

MSC Aggie Leaders of Tomorrow, established in 1978, was the first model of what a Freshmen Leadership Organization was at Texas A&M University. Originally known as Freshmen Leadership Dynamics, this organization served as an inspiration for many new organizations to form throughout the school’s history. As an organization, we impact the university through campus wide programs such as Freshmen Western, Mr. FLO, the Big Leadership Trip, Angel Tree, and more. Spending their freshman year in MSC ALOT prepares our members for leadership positions across campus. Former members have gone on to become Yell Leaders, MSC Presidents, Student Body Presidents, campus wide leaders and successful businessmen and businesswomen. 

MSC ALOT is dedicated to developing excellent student leaders. In addition to working on major campus programs, our freshmen members are place in a social small group (Team) with two sophomore Group Leaders. Teams allow our members to meet new people, have fun and transition into college life while growing as an individual. Internally, our members participate in a number of events including a football tailgate, retreats, end of the year banquet, Parent’s Weekend and monthly socials called Month Buddies. Additionally, our member are very involved in campus traditions and other student activities including The Big Event, Replant and Special Olympics.